Updated in a new edition, with a new Foreword and including the extra story ‘The Second Spark.’

    Containing 31 stories written in the 31 days of January 2011, this collection of flash-fictions spans a wide range of genres and styles: from science-fiction to an unconventional love story, from pulp noir to the apocalypse, from magical realism to the magic of life.

    “There’s a surreal fantasy about a town struck by an attack of metaphors, a futuristic investigation into prosthetic noses, and a poignant contemplation on holding hands. Calum Kerr’s flash fictions are funny and moving and leap off the page with all the immediacy and urgency with which they were written.” – David Gaffney, author of The Half Life of Songs

    “Such a treat… I was reading it thinking ah, so this is what good flash fiction is like. These should have won prizes and been lauded to the skies… The best and most energetic book of flash I’ve read for aeons!” – Cathy Bryant, author of Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature

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