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    Below are some previously unpublished stories, and some links to previously published stories of mine, for you to read at no cost at all (except spending some time, and maybe some sanity).

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    Free Unpublished Stories

    The Secret Ingredient

    Be careful what you eat. You never quite know…


    Never have the words ‘Caveat Emptor’ been more true.

    True Stealth (a missing Braking Distance chapter)

    No matter what you’re doing, there’s always someone watching.


    Everything comes to he who waits, in the end.


    Links to Previously Published Stories

    New Town’ in Words for the Wild, January 2018.
    A Very Civil War’, Work Magazine, May 2013
    Smells as Sweet’ in Ink Sweat & Tears, June 2013
    Closely Watched Trains’ in Blue Five Notebook: FILM, May 2012
    Murmuration’ in The Pygmy Giant, April 2012
    Burning Yellow’, in Beyond Transgression, Derby University, March 2012
    Comparison Shopping’ in Unlikely Stories online magazine, March 2011.
    Escape‘, in the Recusant online magazine, September 2008.