The Secret Ingredient

    “Mmmm,” said Jake, “this gammon is delicious, what’s in the sauce?”
    Tim finished his mouthful, and glanced at Tina with a smirk. “Well, there’s some garlic, some thyme, a lot of pepper. And, of course coke.”
    Jake stopped chewing. “Coke? As in…?”
    Tim held his gaze for a moment then broke into a grin. “As in the drink. Don’t worry, there aren’t any drugs in it.”
    Jake and his wife both laughed, but it was a little uneasy. “Sorry, mate,” he said. “Just, you know, with your history.”
    Tim nodded. “Five years clean, Jake. No coke, no E, no speed. I’m a good boy now.”
    When they’d finished Tim cleaned away the plates and then re-emerged from the kitchen with a plate of chocolatey squares. He passed them round to appreciative noises.
    “Oh, wow! The gammon was good, but these are amazing? Don’t tell me, the secret ingredient’s heroin?”
    “Don’t be silly,” said Tim, his grin returning but with a devilish edge. “Who ever heard of putting that in brownies?”